Deep Blue HD

Underwater Slot Magic with Deep Blue HD

Deep Blue HD is a real money pokie title from Viaden set in a beautiful sunlit undersea garden, with a variety of gorgeous marine creatures drifting past. A soothing, almost soporific piano-and-percussion soundtrack, with cute bubble effects, accompanies the impressive visuals as the reels stop, so it is one of the more relaxing slot titles around.

Deep Blue HD has five reels displaying three icons each, and offers 9 pay lines. The bets per line can be varied from 0.10 to 5.00 in the currency being played, so it is within reach of most slot players’ pockets. Deep Blue HD offers the usual Scatter and Wild features, but no other bonus games, so it is a title for those who like their slots simple.

Theme Includes 11 Ordinary Symbols

There are 11 ordinary symbols used in Deep Blue HD, six of them the poker values 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. These are designed as wavy, watery letters and numerals, as if they were jellyfish determined to communicate with humans. The 9 wins a consolation prize of 2 coins for two matches; all other poker symbols require three or more matches to win. 10s, J’s and Q’s win equal prizes, as do the Ks and As. Five Ks or As combined on a pay line wins 125 coins.

The rest of the ordinary Deep Blue HD symbols are all sea creatures: the golden and the purple tropical fish also win matching prizes for three, four or five of a kind: 15, 75 or 250 coins. The jellyfish wins 20, 100 and 400 coins, and the crab and seahorse also share equal-value prizes, and start paying for just two of a kind. Each wins 2, 25, 125 or 750 coins for two, three, four or five matches.

Dolphin Wild Doubles Wins

The Deep Blue HD Wild icon is a friendly dolphin, encircled by shells and jewels. It is able to stand in for any symbol except the Scatter to complete a winning combination. The Wild also doubles the value of any winning pay lines it helps to create with other symbols.

Two or more Wilds in unbroken sequence on a pay line starting from Reel 1 also secure the player some worthwhile prizes: 10, 250, 2,500 or 9,000 coins.

Pearl Scatter and Treble Free Spins Wins

A glowing pearl, set in a border of clamshells, does duty as the Scatter in Deep Blue HD, and like many slot Scatters it has a double winning function. Appearances of two or more Scatters in any spots on the reels deliver an immediate win, calculated by applying a multiplier to the total bet on the spin. For two, three, four or five Scatters, the multiplier is X2, X5, X20 and X500, respectively.

Three or more Scatters also activate the free spins round, consisting of 15 spins. All wins during this round are tripled. Combined with the winning potential of three or more Wilds, this round can see the player make some really worthwhile wins. Deep Blue HD remains simple and relaxing throughout, but the reels can deliver satisfying action.