How to Play Slots

How To Play Slots

Slot games have been around for a long time, with a history that stretches back to the late eighteen hundreds. In principle slot games are very much the same, using a formula that looks remarkably unchanged. Even the first slot game ever made had reels that spun, a lever to pull, and a slot in which to insert coins.

There have been advancement, however, and not only that modern slot games are digital as apposed to mechanical. The rules of slot games have been greatly enhanced, and although still using reels, a player of a late eighteen hundreds slot game would likely be very confused by a digital version. For this reason it is wise for new players of modern slot games to brush up on exactly how the game operates, before committing any money. Here is a brief look at how to play slots, including some of the more modern advancements to the game.

Betting Lines

First in how to play slots lets look at betting lines. When looking at old slot games a person will notice there was only a single betting line, from left to right, on three reels. If the symbols matched on the line it was a win, if they did not, a loss. It was a very simple and easy to understand system. Modern slot games, however, can have an obscene amount of betting lines, upwards of two hundred and fifty.

Many find this extremely confusing, and rightly so, since a person would have to be some kind of mathematical genius to keep track of all betting lines at all times. Thankfully, however, games that use betting systems with such amounts of lines do not require the player to individually select which lines they would like to bet on. The game will generally work with all betting lines utilised at all times. Other slot games, however, which use less betting lines, such as forty, thirty, or twenty, will allow the player to select specifically which lines to use. The principal here is that the more lines used, the better the chance of winning, but larger upfront bet required.

Special Features

Next in how to play slots lets look at bonuses, mini-games, and special features. Many modern slot games have a secondary game that will trigger if matching certain bonus symbols. These games are always games of chance, no matter how they are dressed up. They will simply require the player to make a selection from a number of choices, with some choices paying out, and others giving nothing.

The game may work in a fashion that the player is granted more chances of selecting an option, if winning at least one initial prize, with up to four chances to get additional prizes. The game still is, however, a percentage game, with the player hoping to select a winning option. These are the basic, need to know rules for new players on how to play slots. Other slot game variations exist, using cascading tile systems, but the basic rules of the game are unchanged. Refer to a particular game’s help section if wanting to know more.